Warriors in the Community, episode 15: Wayne Pediatrics

Warriors in the Community is a radio segment that features short, insightful interviews with key figures from Wayne State University about the many ways in which the university and its programs make a positive impact on the metro area and on the lives of Detroiters.

In episode 15, we chat with Dr. Herman B. Gray, the chair of the Wayne State University Department of Pediatrics, about the critical role that Wayne Pediatrics plays in addressing the healthcare needs of children in Detroit. Wayne Pediatrics’ mission is to provide quality pediatric care and improve health outcomes for children and youth through general and sub-specialty pediatric services. The program also aims to positively impact the future of health care by teaching and training the next generation of physicians and health care professionals, and conducting meaningful research.


waynestate · Warriors in the Community, episode 15: Wayne Pediatrics

Intro: This is “Warriors in the Community” brought to you by Wayne State University, and now to learn about how Wayne State is positively impacting our community, here is Darrell Dawsey.

Darrell Dawsey: Today I'm with Dr. Herman Gray, the chair of the Wayne State University Department of Pediatrics, and the man in charge of Wayne Pediatrics, one of the Detroit area's most critical and integrative medical practices.

Talk to us a little bit about the scope of services that Wayne Pediatrics offers to our community, and tell us a bit about the role that you play in pursuing this mission. 

Dr. Herman B. Gray: Wayne Pediatrics is the practice plan or the clinic, if you will. For the pediatricians who are part of the faculty at Wayne State University.

They are the teachers of medical students, uh, primarily, um, and researchers in in pediatrics. And so we can provide, you know, a level of care for our children that goes beyond, you know, a simple medical visit.

Dr. Herman Gray.

Dr. Herman B. Gray is the chair of the Wayne State University Department of Pediatrics.

Darrell Dawsey: And you've been expanding these services fairly recently.

Dr. Herman B. Gray: A lot of this stuff has been going on, right.

Darrell Dawsey: Why did you decide that expanding services was so critical? 

Dr. Herman B. Gray: Our job as pediatricians is similar to the job of parents. Doesn't mean that we're taking over their kids, but it means that we want the children that we are privileged to serve, to grow up, to be contributing citizens. Kids who get an opportunity to fulfill their potential.

That doesn't always mean just taking care of their ear infection or their sore throat or more serious diseases. It also means, uh, providing opportunities for them. Even if they come from vulnerable, you know, underrepresented populations as an example. You mentioned working with underserved communities.

Darrell Dawsey: First of all, how many patients do you serve? Just whether it's weekly, monthly, annually. And what percentage of that patient base comes from underserved communities? 

Dr. Herman B. Gray: Yes, but we see somewhere between 700 and a thousand patients a month, and 59% of the children that we see today, um, are covered by Medicaid.

Darrell Dawsey: Dr. Herman Gray, thank you so very much.

Dr. Herman B. Gray: Oh, it's my pleasure. Thank you.

Extro: This has been “Warriors in the Community.” For more Wayne State News, please visit us online at today.wayne.edu/wwj and join us here next Monday at the same time for more warriors in the community.

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